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Scalescenes provide downloadable printable card kits. You provide the card and they provide the instructions and texture overlays. If you have built any of their kits you will know how excellent they look, how clear the instructions are and how sturdy the end model is when completed.

The Scalescenes website has been completely updated. John Wiffen, the man behind Scalescenes, has produced a new fresh look with large clear images of each of the models available.

Scalescenes have a few free downloads for you to have a try before buying any of the larger models from his range. The great thing about this type of product is that once you have downloaded the texture sheets and instructions, you can print as many as you want.

John has been particularly encouraging as I’ve developed my 3D printed models. He was particularly impressed with the Chimney pots, and I must give him credit for the idea of printing pots on mortar haunching that can be easily fixed to the tops of chimney stacks. He has even included the chimney pots on his “Detailing and Weathering” information page.

Not only did John include a link to this website on his “Useful Suppliers and Links” page, he also designed the graphics for the link.


If you’ve never visited the website then you have really missed out on what are the best card kits available. Take a look at his “Gallery Page” to see just what has been achieved by some of his very happy customers.

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  1. For years I have used Plasticard and kits such as Wills with what I thought was good effect. Then I discovered John’s Scale Scenes and haven’t looked back. Not only are the ready designed kits great but as you can see from the gallery, sections of the buildings can be adapted to make completely different but authentic structures and then there are the Builders Yard components! The scope is as wide as your imagination can take you at a fraction of the price of plastic kits. Thank you and well done John.


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