Custom Batches

We are only to happy to create custom batches. These batches could be a combination of windows, doors, canopy trusses etc,, in specific sizes and quantities. There can be significant cost savings achieved by combining items into a single print batch.

Batches that may be useful to other customers as well as the original person placing the order have been kept online at Shapeways and may be purchased through the links below.


Window Batch 1

A set of windows of various types and sizes for a custom order from a customer creating a war gaming diorama. There are 42 windows in the batch.

Sash window type 1 x 6 - 16mm high x 12mm wide
Sash window type 2 x 6 - 15mm high x 15mm wide
Sash window type X7 x 20 - 22mm high x 16mm wide plus surround
Sash window type 4 x 10 - 22mm high x 16mm wide

Canopy Components 1

All the canopy structure components you need to build a two bay canopy 280mm long.

Make your own card roof to provide the roof covering, or purchase the two bay roof covering set available Here

Included in this set are 3 Columns with trusses, 8 intermediate trusses, 2 end cantilever trusses, two end gable valance panels and 5 eaves valance panels (cut one in half when assembling).

A full range of individual components is available for you to custom build your own canopies. Additional components are being added to the range